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ConMan Construction Manager

ConMan Construction Manager мод для Factorio

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Аферист позволяет заказ строительной и деконструкции через цепь сетей. Поддерживает заказ отдельных конструкций

Версия Factorio: Последняя версия: 0.15.4 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 12 Просмотров: 86 : "

ConMan - Construction Manager

ConMan allows you to order construction and deconstruction via the circuit network. Limited construction of individual entities can be done directly, and any blueprints can be usedmo

  • sub entities:
    • CC Control 1: primary commands - SW corner
    • CC Control 2: secondary data - SE corner
    • Control nodes only read one wire - if both are connected it will only read the red one. Use a combinator to merge wires if required. This is mostly a performance optimization, and is not likely to change.


  • conbot + item signal + D=dir + XY : Construction Order
    • optional: B=bar : Number of slots usable in a chest
    • optional: R=recipeid (with recipeid lib)
    • optional: filters or CC data on Control2
    • optional: other entity specific?
  • logbot + items on Control2 + XY : Delivery order
    • Deliver items specified by Control2 to entity at XY
    • Note that these items will be delivered by conbots despite being signalled by logbot.
  • r/g/c wire + XY(Z) + UV(W)
    • connect entities at positions XY and UV with wire, ports Z/W if multiple
    • negative wire to disconnect
  • blueprint=-1 : Eject Blueprint
    • transfer from input to output inventory
  • blueprint=1 + XY : Deploy Blueprint
    • optional: F=force - auto decon trees/rocks in the way
  • blueprint=2 + BoundingBox : Capture Blueprint
    • optional: TEM=what to capture, tiles/entities/modules
    • optional: Control2: signalstring of new blueprint name (with singalstrings lib)
  • blueprint=3: Read Blueprint Info
    • output to Control2: Blueprint label string and color if set
    • output to Control2: Blueprint BoM
  • redprint=1 + BoundingBox : Deconstruction Order
    • redprint=-1 to cancel
    • optional: filters on Control2
      • T = trees
      • R = rocks
      • if empty, decon all!!!
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