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TrashMan - Item Auto Collect

TrashMan - Item Auto Collect мод для Factorio

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Добавляет бронированный модуль, который знаменует элементов на суше должны быть собраны строительные роботы.

Версия Factorio: Последняя версия: 0.1.3 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 14 Просмотров: 74 : "

Trash Man

Equipment for modular armor. Marks items on the ground to be collected by construction robots.

Trash Man is a piece of equipment you can add to you modular armor. It stores 100kJ and consumes 1kJ per use (100 uses).
In a range of 5 around players who have equipped Trash Man, every item on the ground (not on belts) will be marked to be collected. The effect as caused by Deconstruction Planner.

The technology is available for research as soon as Night Vision (after Modular Armor).

Requirements: https://mods.factorio.com/mods/Earendel/data-raw-prototypes (>= 0.1.3)

This is my first mod. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Have fun.

Change Log:
-changed name for better search results
- fixed error occurring on some armor types

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