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Subterrain мод для Factorio

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Добавляет несколько ярусов подземных пояса/трубы, которая может пойти гораздо дальше, чем стандартные ремни подземная/трубы

Версия Factorio: 0.14 Последняя версия: 0.2.0 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 20 Просмотров: 381 : "

Subterrain is a mod that adds a new spin on underground belts, subterranean belts. These belts are unique in that their specialized engineering allows them to travel a whopping 250 tiles underground. However, unlike standard issue underground belts that simply factor the length into the recipe, these belts cost the player belts based on distance, while the underground belt itself is cheap. This means no loss in efficiency by building short subterranean belts. The mod also adds pipes of a similar nature.

For more specialized documentation on the mod, see the wiki page of the github repository, here, and the readme of the repository.

I should note that this is my first mod. While this mod is unlikely to corrupt your save, it is always pertinent to keep backups in the event of issues, when installing any mod.


0.1.3 - Add unique tech icons (not an artist) and fixed a belt/pipe refund bug.
0.1.2 - Added the ability to be refunded belts and pipes when the pair is destroyed by damage.
0.1.1 - Fix belt duplication bug

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