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ScienceCostTweaker Mod мод для Factorio

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Позволяет стоимость исследований будет изменена

Версия Factorio: Последняя версия: 0.15.4 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 11 Просмотров: 238 : "

This mod can be used as a simple alternative to marathon mod. It increases science costs significantly (4x to 9x depending on tier) - you need a bigger factory to feed your science labs. Science also now has its own dedicated production lines and intermediate products. No more making science packs from conveyor belts and inserters! Comes with flavor text (at least in English and German, no other localization done yet), giving a bit more feasible explanations as to how these are used in adapting technology to the alien world.
New tiers or labs are also enabled by default, mainly making them more energy hungry, forcing you to expand your energy infrastructure as well.

The config file has multiple options that can be easily enabled or disabled as well, making it as customizable as possible.

Want the new production chains and science labs but no increase to science costs?
sciencecosttweaker.options.sciencePackConfig = "vanilla" sciencecosttweaker.options.difficultyCost = "noadjustment"

Want extremely expensive technology and biters that evolve ridiculously quick?
sciencecosttweaker.options.difficultyCost = "extended" sciencecosttweaker.options.difficultyEvo = "swarm"

Want research ten times cheaper and biters that barely ever evolve?
sciencecosttweaker.options.difficultyCost = "lolwhat" sciencecosttweaker.options.difficultyEvo = "biterinabarrel"

Special Thanks to:
zocke1r - German Locale

Forum Thread: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=14294

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