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Progressive Running (smooth acceleration)

Progressive Running (smooth acceleration) мод для Factorio

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Ускорить постепенно, когда, начиная бег : полезен, когда скорость высока из-за экзоскелетов и бетона

Версия Factorio: Последняя версия: 1.0.14 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 17 Просмотров: 184 : "

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1.0.12 - correct a bug in on_configuration_changed
1.0.11 - adds a F1 hotkey to toggle acceleration on/off, so that you can stay at slow speed to work on local precise actions.
1.0.10 - change the initial speed to 1 (normal walking speed without any speed stuff)
players who want to start running slower than usual walking speed can edit the config.lua file
and lower the initial_speed_factor value.
1.0.8 - compatible with factorio 0.14 (equipement grid change)
1.0.7 - removing on_player_left_game event that bugged in MP.
1.0.6 - rework of the whole mod :
- tests if exoskeleton or other modifiers are present, so now computes the correct normal walking speed.
- starts walking even slower than normal speed (customisable in config.lua)
- acceleration increases with max speed (also customisable in config.lua)
- before uninstall, to recover normal speed, use
/c remote.call( "progrun", "off" )
- to re-enable the mod, use
/c remote.call( "progrun", "on" )
1.0.2 - minor fixes
1.0.1 - Initial release.

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