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Deconstruct nearby loot

Deconstruct nearby loot мод для Factorio

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Автоматически помечает бабло в логистической спектр строительных игрока для деконструкции.

Версия Factorio: 0.14 Последняя версия: 1.1.0 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 14 Просмотров: 108 : "

This is a mod for Factorio that automatically marks the loot in logistic construction range of the player for deconstruction.

Loot in this context means the items that would be picked up by the players automatically when walking over them - in the Vanilla game, this is the Alien artifacts and the rocks broken into stone resources. Additionally, the items laid directly onto the ground (not on transport belts) by inserters or drills are marked as well.

To effectively use this mod, research the "Auto-deconstruct nearby loot" technology, have a personal roboport in your armor and a few construction bots in inventory, then you can just walk around and have the bots collect the loot around yourself.

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