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Black Eagles Package мод для Factorio

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Продлить игру с некоторые сложные процессы и некоторые действительно тяжелое оружие, как Миниган и больше танков

Версия Factorio: Последняя версия: 14.1.0 Дата обновления: Скачиваний: 12 Просмотров: 71 : "

BEP - Black Eagle Package
von Black Eagles

Our mod is devoted to expanding the game with small and big things. It will be added in the latest version:
u2022 new tanks(like pzkw-3, tiger-1, kingtiger, leopardA2, unbelievable antimatter KKP-tanks
u2022 tank rebalancing (the first tank now needs no blue sience packs)
u2022 antimatter collider
u2022 of course antimatter
u2022 weapons(grenade launcher, Minigun, Microgun)
u2022 complex chemical processes
u2022 realistic product lines

BEP concentrates on making the game longer lasting and giving the endgame more spice as well as realizing realistic processes and conditions on the basis of the game
A mod pack it is at the end, because our mod also mods smaller Mods in changed form or old Mods integrates and updated, which are not already updated.
Actually added:
u2022 DefaultRequestAmmount - default logistic inventory request amount for basegame items is now 1
u2022 airfiltering - airfilter machines to reduce pollution
and some fixes to play with more mods at the same time.

u2022 bobmods(only core: bobelectronics, plates, ores ...)
BioIndustries(at the moment)

Recommended Mods
u2022 Treefarm Lite
u2022 Dytech (for harder game) or Natural Evolution Enemies

Mod Pack with all fixes and a lot content. Totally works!
u2022 http://www.mediafire.com/file/230b115zwx0u22t/BEP%231.rar

Supported langueges
u2022 German
u2022 english

u2022 get the textures for panzer3, tiger 1 and panther fixed
(textures a re in the package, we have now idea how to get them work correctly. If some know how exactly what to do: pls let us know)
u2022 pictures for the rest of it
(they are here at the moment but not cutten of already, i will upload they for someone who would like to help with cutting)
u2022 blender models: KKP 1+2, collider, pump, fusion reactor
u2022 lasercannonsound
u2022 and a lot more content

Problems or bugs pls report to us. Fixes are asap here live.
Ideas are welcome!
@Black Eagles Team

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